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21 May 2012 @ 09:01 pm

mcuguide is designed to be a newbie's guide to the MCU fandom, and I would love your help and input in making it the best it can possibly be. I would like to ask for your knowledge of any and all blogs and communities relating to MCU as well as its cast and characters and ships. Everything is welcome, be it general, graphics, fic-recs, big bangs, news or fanfic. Must-reads and fic-recs for specific ships would also be much appreciated. Please throw at me everything you've got.

So either message this tumblr, e-mail mcuguide@gmail.com, or comment below! Hit the cut for details. 

For a list of updates, click here.

Just looking for information? Click here for a guide to the MCU, and here for info on the LJ fandom.

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11 June 2012 @ 02:22 pm
The MCU LJ fandom is a very large and active place full of talented people, if you're interested in a general community of all things movie-verse Avengers, the avengers_2k s the place to go with many fantastic fanworks and a great environment. For MCU news you may be interested in joinin ontd_marvel, an active news comm which will bring you the latest information on all movie and casting developments, and if you'd like a daily newsletter of just about all new entries to the comic-book fandom, the comicstore_news ay be your cup of tea, providing you a list of the fanworks and relevant info published each day. Of course, there are also active pairing specific communities such a cap_ironman and wonderful kink memes such a avengerkink mongst many comms of all rules and purposes.

If you're here looking for fic, unlike Fanfic.net AO3 sually guarantees some top-of-the-line quality fanfiction, with specific tastes easily catered to through using tagged searches. Quality can be assessed (to a certain extent) through kudos counts, total bookmarks and the amount of comments present (though almost everything you find will be quite enjoyable). If you can't be bothered going through the pages of LJ or plowing through fanfic.net's mixed bag of fics, I highly recommend giving AO3 a crack first! Otherwise, try pairing -specific comms or communities such a avngrstoryfndr for recs!

Check out the list of LJ communities below and join up with whichever one strikes your interest!

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Last Updated: 29.Jan.2013

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27 May 2012 @ 02:47 pm
place holder, under construction
26 May 2012 @ 05:27 pm

This community is designed to be a comprehensive guide to all things MCU, it is still very much a work in progress and I would love your input o make it the best it can be.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions on any updates or future plans. Comments have been screened for privacy.

Mod Note: Update dates/time correspond with local time: GMT+10.

20 Feb 13 - Added always_worthy to LJ comms guide.

29 Jan 13 -
06  Aug 12 - Added natasha_loki and avengersfes to guidel

15  July 12 - Updated 'Welcome to the MCU!' with latest information released at SDCC.

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Update Status
I'm back! I'm still alive! Will be updating this comm in the coming days so it's up to date.

Planned Updates:

  • Comprehensive guides for the cast of MCU

  • Popular Pairings w/ recs to classic fics and rec lists

  • Expansion of fandom guide to include DreamWidth communities

  • as well as Tumblr follow-lists

  • New layout and detailed profile.

  • Eventual master-post with links to all guides.

[Possible future inclusion of non-MCU but also Marvel fandoms such as X-Men and Spider-man.]
23 May 2012 @ 08:39 pm
Cast Twitters:

Chris Evans / Steve Rogers - ChrisEvans
Clark Gregg / Phil Coulson - clarkgregg
Tom Hiddleston / Loki - twhiddleston
Samuel L. Jackson / Nick Fury - SamuelLJackson
Mark Ruffalo / Bruce Banner - MRuff221
Cobie Smulders / Maria Hill -  CobieSmulders

Jaimie Alexander / Sif - JaimieAlexander
Josh Dallas / Fandraljoshdallas
Kat Dennings / Darcy Lewis - OfficialKat
Idris Elba / Heimdall - idriselba

Captain America
Hayley Atwell / Peggy Carter - TheHayleyAtwell
Dominic Cooper / Howard Stark - dominiccoop ?unverified

Iron Man
Don Cheadle / James Rhodes - IamDonCheadle
Gwyneth Paltrow / Pepper Potts - Gwyneth Paltrow
Jon Favreau / Happy Hogan - Jon_Favreau

[wip to be updated]

MCU stands for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and as the title states, it is a cinematic universe not unlike Star Wars and Harry Potter with its characters and canon based directly upon original Marvel Comics (which have been around since as far as the 1940s). The MCU canon is built by all the films made by Marvel Studios since 2008's The Incredible Hulk, and includes various one-shots and comics.

Below is a detailed introduction to the present state (as well as what we know about the future) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in its entirety. If you're interested in reading-up on the comics, we've also got you covered with guides and advice for the best place to start.

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There are many tie-in/prequel comics (recognised MCU canon) currently in existence. These are:

Iron Man: I am Iron Man
Iron Man 2: Public Measures
Iron Man 2: Agents of SHIELD
Iron Man 2: Security Measures
Captain America: First Vengeance
The Avengers Prelude
Black Widow Strikes

The Iron Man and Captain America comics are all collected in a single volume titled: 'Avengers: The Road to the Avengers' Click for Amazon), published on the 14 March 2012.

Never Fear! Marvel has actually prepared a graphical timeline detailing the chronology of every major event that has happened throughout the movies up to the Avengers. Check it out below (click for the big version).

The best thing to do when it comes to getting into comics is really to just pick one up and start reading. Unlike books or movies, for comics there really isn't a set 'starting point' because there is literally decades of 'lore' (that most comic fans haven't even had the time to explore). To get a feel for the universe and the way things currently are, having a read of roughly anything from the early 2000s to now is more than good enough.

Don't feel intimidated by the complexity and the universe's history, and don't worry about spoilers (absolutely no one stays dead anyway). Pick anything up, have a read, and if you find something that sounds interesting or see a reference to an event that you want to know more about, then just go find the comic/volumes and read it! Borrow or browse some of the completed story-arcs, see if you find it interesting, and before you know it you will be a well-versed comic fan.

But if you want a more structured guide, fans have written some very handy pieces designed to introduce movie fans to the wonderful comic universe.

*Here's a few fan guides to get you started:
  -   An Issue by Issue Guide to The Avengers for The Iron Man / Captain America and Ficcing Fan
  -   An Issue by Issue Guide to Captain America Comics for the Ficcing Fan

*Want to read the comics too but don't know where to start? Try these guides:

- Marvel Comics Database Wikipedia / Marvel Universe Wiki
- Required Reading: Iron Man
- Required Reading: Iron Man Collections
- The Essential Iron Man Reading List

If anything, Volume 4 of Iron Man, beginning with the Extremis arc by the amazing Warren Ellis is always an excellent place to start, not only does it hint at possible things to expect in future installments of the Iron Man movies, the series is also very well-written. From here on out it's pretty much all guaranteed awesome.

 - Marvel Comics Database Loki) / Wikipedia Loki) / Marvel Universe Wiki Loki)
-  Thor: Where to Start
-  Required Reading: Thor Collections

Personally I'd recommend going from the 2007 Thor Issue 1 onwards if you're looking for the most relevant information and interesting storylines, characterisations are fun, not to mention you get a taste of the glorious female!Loki and the fantastic character of Balder. ;)

- Marvel Comics Database / Wikipedia / Marvel Universe Wiki
Captain America: Where to Start
Required Reading: Captain America
- Required Reading: Captain America Collections
- Where to Start Reading: Captain America

If you just came from the movie, Ed Brubaker's run (especially Winter Soldier storyline from the very start of volume 5 onwards) is absolutely fantastic, and you will learn of the possible future for the Cap franchise. Later on you can follow Steve's adventures in the Secret Avengers, and get to know Bucky as he takes on the mantle of Captain America. After the events of Fear Itself there is also our regular Captain America series as well as the Winter Soldier series, both of which I highly recommend.

 - Marvel Comics Database / Wikipedia / Marvel Universe Wiki
 - Recommended Reading by fyeahblackwidow @tumblr

 - Marvel Comics Database / Wikipedia / Marvel Universe Wiki

 - Marvel Comics Database / Wikipedia / Marvel Universe Wiki
 - Where to Start Reading: The Avengers
 - 5 Avengers Comics to Read

The Avengers main series itself is great if you're interested in meeting more Marvel universe characters while still having your favourites (Tony, Steve, Thor etc.) around If you enjoy events and crossovers, I highly recommend starting from the not too distant Avengers Dissembled series (lots of glorious angst) and everything onwards. If you just want a taste, then read Civil War (widely agreed to be the best thing ever). Otherwise, I also recommend Siege (Loki shenanigans galore) and Fear Itself. Or just pick up the current event in progress- Avengers vs. X-Men, if you're interested in seeing everyone's favourite mutants.

If you feel like an alternate universe with darker characters and story-lines, the Ultimates (and the Ultimate universe) is a fantastic series to check out. For a bit of (gorey but) cracky fun, try Marvel Zombies!


Last Updated: 29.01.2013

Spot a mistake? Is there something that you think should be added? A question you need answered Comment here nd let me know.
21 May 2012 @ 10:50 pm
What it says on the title.

What stories are must reads?

Which are the classics?

Which fics should we take a crack at first if we're interested in new pairings?

What is just so ridiculously well-written more people must know about it?

Be it specific stories or general rec-lists.

Share your recommendations here!